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"In the life of a man, his time is but a moment...his sense, a dim rushlight. All that is body is as coursing waters...all that is of the soul, as dreams, and vapors."

Marcus Aurelius

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Following back :)
a minute ago
Anything related to disney/ pixar
a minute ago
active,general,personal, follows back, new theme whoop-dee-doo!
3 minutes ago
Both band/music photos and personal shots. Give it a look! :)
3 minutes ago
modern, aesthetic blog with quality posts and follow back similar
4 minutes ago
Fandoms/funny things. I'm trying to get 6 more followers before new years!! help me out, I'll follow back
6 minutes ago
7 minutes ago
japan and korea
8 minutes ago
18|Humor blog|Following back
8 minutes ago
Consists of everything still new :) hehe
9 minutes ago
a porn blog with style
9 minutes ago
20y/o male german. buddhism, weed, food and other stuff. Sometimes I'm sad too, but thats just human. I follow back, if I like your blog.
10 minutes ago
Sexy girls, hot, side blog
11 minutes ago
Humor, art, personal, i'll check your blog and follow you back !
12 minutes ago
mostly artworks i made :)
13 minutes ago
follow back. Photo Blogs!!!!
14 minutes ago
Personal interracial family blog.. I need reblogs more than followers..
14 minutes ago
anime, games and other posts, follow back similar or if i like your blog
15 minutes ago
active, teen, b&w, personal. checking out new followers & following back similar! xx
16 minutes ago
18,High quality fashion.Following back everyone.
16 minutes ago
Quotes about experiences
18 minutes ago
Follow for follow back!:) My tumblr is pretty much summer, beach, trendy, hipster stuff! xx
19 minutes ago
my url is irrelevant to my blog, I'm from perth, one of the most isolated cities in the world
20 minutes ago
pink, hello kitty, little one, dlg, little space, princess, follow back
21 minutes ago
memes, humor, follow back similar
22 minutes ago
photography x nature x music x indie x glow
23 minutes ago
23 minutes ago
Inspiration, photography and advice blog!
24 minutes ago
philosophical and thoughtful. i'm pretty neat.
25 minutes ago
A little bit indie, funny, and gay. I like following back.
26 minutes ago

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